About us

While millions of other courses are available today, why is this course? 

Problem: Recent graduates (21 years old), focused solely on getting a "well-settled" job, often delay contributing to society. They believe passing an exam is the key, but...

Reason: The job market has a surplus of graduates, making it difficult to land that ideal job right away. This creates a frustrating cycle of qualification and struggle.

Our target student is:

1.   Who is passionate for field & research work in between peoples.

2.   Who knows comprehending English & Hindi, texts & videos with basic applicable knowledge of mathematics & smart phones.

3.   Who is willing to travel up to Navi Mumbai for the course.

4.   Who is willing to live in boarding & eating food made by canteens for the course duration of 30 days.

5.   He who has aspirations for contributing towards the wellbeing of society.

6.   Who wants to pay back his parents within three months of joining the course.

7.   Who is willing to pursue paid probation to earn more than 3 LPA in the very first year after the completion of the course.

8.   Belongs to the bigger 90% chunk of families of the nation.Whose entire family's annual income is less than Rs. 3 lakh

9.   Who aspire to work while learning to fuel his success by sheer self efforts; without becoming a financial burden to his/her parents.

10.                  Who doesn't have the wherewithal to pursue the costly process of unyielding IIT, MBBS, IAS, UPSC, or management stream; where there is no guarantee of 100% placement despite investing long tedious efforts.