Institute of Kitchenopathy® (IoK®)

What is the objective of IoK®?

Empowering Graduates to Support Vulnerable Individuals

IoK's objective is to empower graduate students to intervene and support individuals who are potentially vulnerable to health issues but haven't shown clinical symptoms.

IoK's Mission 2024: 

IoK aims to equip graduate students with the knowledge and skills to identify and support individuals who are potentially at risk of health complications, even if they don't exhibit immediate clinical symptoms. This focus on early intervention within the working-age population is crucial for reducing preventable deaths. 

IoK's 2024 Goal: 

IoK is committed to training and certifying 141,000 graduates within 2024, preparing them for immediate successful employment in this vital field.

Our Focus: 

We specifically focus on reducing deaths within the working-age population by equipping students with the knowledge and skills to identify and address early warning signs.


"Boost India's position in the Human Development Index (HDI)." 

Question: What is HDI

Answer: HDI is The "Human Development Index" which is a summary measure of average achievement in key dimensions of human development:

1. a long and healthy life

2. being knowledgeable and having 

3. a decent standard of living

The HDI is the geometric mean of normalized indices for each of above three dimensions.

It was created to emphasize that people and their capabilities should be the ultimate criteria for assessing the development of a country, not economic growth alone.

Question: Why this mission?

Answer: Because despite being part of privileged few, we are still part of low HDI nation

Question: How are we going to accomplish it?

Answer: By preventing premature death of more Indians in the next three years then the entire population of Switzerland.

Question: But again how will we accomplish it?

Answer: By enrolling 141 000 graduate students,  for “30-day job oriented practical training course at Institute of Kitchenopathy®.


30-day job oriented practical training course for graduate students

This new course is open to graduate students from any discipline.

Successful candidates will be given priority for the post of Junior Research Officer at Global Research Institute of Kitchenopathy® (Grioki®).


Why is this course, while millions of other courses are available today?

Please find your answer here: 

ग्लोबल रिसर्च इंस्टीट्यूट ऑफ किचनोपैथी® में पारितौषिक & पदोन्नति की संभावना

पदोन्नति की संभावना, अवधि व वेतन मान:

The course fee is Rs. 30,000 +18% GST (Rs.5400) total 35,400 only. 

Course language is Hindi but 80% of the course material is in English.

No hidden costs, just bring your fee and a spare set of clothes.

Science - greed = Kitchenopathy® 

Science engulfed by greed is Allopathy

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