Institute of Kitchenopathy® 


30-day job oriented practical training course for graduate students

This new course is open to graduate students from any discipline.

Successful candidates will be given priority for the post of Junior Research Officer at Global Research Institute of Kitchenopathy® (Grioki®).

ग्लोबल रिसर्च इंस्टीट्यूट ऑफ किचनोपैथी® में पारितौषिक & पदोन्नति की संभावना

पदोन्नति की संभावना, अवधि व वेतन मान:

The course fee is Rs. 30,000 +18% GST (Rs.5400) total 35,400 only. 

Course language is Hindi but 80% of the course material is in English.

No hidden costs, just bring your fee and a spare set of clothes.

Science - greed = Kitchenopathy® 

Science engulfed by greed is Allopathy

Be part of Our research initiative for a bright future

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